Branding, Web Design, Web Development

GoinCro is new Croatian start up with focus on delivering information about locations, tourism, food, events in Croatia for tourists…
When Matija Copak, owner of start up came to us, he had only idea and few failures behind his project. Development Agencies he was working with could not deliver his product in the way he wanted.

After few hours of talk, we got some directions and plan where will his idea lead, and what will he get. Using best practices of Scrum we created stories for him and started with work. After 2 months we came up with full product.

First we started with information architecture and admin panel design. Our next step was to develop back-end with full custom CMS for his application. Once we had CMS, we developed one panel more for his workers so they can track how many ads they got for GoinCro. When we completed back-end it was easy to design and develop front-end side of GoinCro. We also did branding, and digital marketing for GoinCro. The application is also responsive so users can see it on multiple screen sizes.

The application is multilingual, so the tourists who are coming from all over the world, can experience the website in their native language. It was success!